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about sister cities

In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower called for a movement named “People-to- People”. This movement “is dedicated to the task of promoting friendship and understanding among the ordinary citizens everywhere.”

U.S./Mexico Sister Cities Association (USMSCA) is one of the many Sister Cities programs that have been established from Eisenhower’s concept of friendship and goodwill beyond boundaries. USMSCA involves more than 125 United States cities with Sister City ties to Mexico. The activities organized by these cities reflect the the “People-to-People” concept through cultural exchanges such as those relating to athletics, students and education, and professionals.

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about south el monte sister cities association

The South El Monte Sister Cities Association has been friends with Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico since 1969. Since its inception, the two sister cities have maintained a special amistad through cultural and student exchanges, visitations, and humanitarian aid. Within these years, the South El Monte association has also been a leader within its own community as well as the main framework of the national and international Sister Cities boards.

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about the city of south el monte

Incorporated in July 39, 1958, the City of South El Monte is located in the San Gabriel Valley, 7 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The current population is over nearly approximately 22, 700. The city has a Council-Manager form of government wherein the elected City Council are the legislative body that adopts laws and sets city policies. The City Manager carries out these policies and manages the operations of the city, and citizen representation is reflective in the two City Commisions of Planning and Human Services Commissioners.

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about the city of gomez palacio

Founded in 1898, Gomez Palacio is located 253 kilometers northwest of Durango City, by the federal highway 40 in the State of Durango, Mexico. The state of Durango is located in the north of Mexico. It’s the fourth largest state and occupies a 6.3% of the country’s territory. Gomez Palacio is one of the three cities located in a region known as “la Laguna”; the other two cities are Lerdo and Torreon, in the state of Coahuila. Gomez Palacio has an estimated population of 273,000.

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